Retirement Visa for Thailand

Thailand Visa

If you are over the age of 50 then you can apply to live in Thailand for one year at a time using a Thai retirement visa. The application process starts with obtaining a 3 month Thai retirement visa also known as a “O-A” visa. This is extended in Thailand.

When you first apply for the visa you need to apply for the 3 month visa. This allows you to extend the visa in Thailand before the 3 months expire. The visa get extended at Thai Immigration and you need to have the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport;
  • Passport photos;
  • Letter from bank showing 800,000 Baht deposit;
  • or proof of 60,000 Baht a month income;
  • Criminal record clearance from your country;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Completed application form.

These are the documents that you will need however it is best to have the attorneys deal with the application especially if you want to bring some of your personal items over from your home country. There are common issues which needs to be covered that creates confusion.

With regards to having a criminal record, if you have ever had a DUI then you can speak to one of our attorneys with regards to the Thai government view on the matter of having a DUI during a retirement application. Many of these offences tend to have occurred when the person was in their early twenties or teen years. Again – consult an attorney. While we are on the topic of retirement. Before you buy always consider renting property in Thailand when you retire as a start.

The financial requirements can be a combination of both income and fixed deposit. This needs to be calculated for you. also, before they used to allow you to turn 50 while having the visa. This is no longer accepted and you need to be 50 or older at the date of application for the retirement visa for Thailand.

Again – call our attorneys on our toll-free US or our UK numbers for more information or simple speak to us online on our main website.

Retire in Thailand and have all your problems such as not only the visa, but also your spouse if you are a couple and customs issued solved before you arrive in Thailand.

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