Thai Immigration

Thailand Elite Visa Gold Membership

The Gold Membership is the newest addition to the Thailand Elite Visa program. It provides a range of premium benefits, including airport transfers, yearly health checks and access to a curated world of privileges.

Upon completing the background assessment, applicants will receive payment instructions for their membership fee directly from Thailand Elite. Once this is paid, they can book a date for their first visa affixation service via the Member Contact Center.

1. Access to a curated world of privileges

Depending on the package purchased, members will enjoy access to a wealth of exclusive privileges including VIP shopping privileges, Thai boxing experiences, and special movie tickets. Members will also have their own concierge at their beck and call, helping them with everything from driver’s licenses to bank accounts to business networking.

The membership packages start at 900,000 baht and go up to 20 years for the most expensive card. The membership comes with a visa that is valid for the duration of the membership.

The perks seem very appealing, especially for digital nomads and retirees who want to live in Thailand long-term. But is it worth the cost?

2. Long-term visa

Depending on the membership package, you may gain access to a long-term visa that can be extended for up to 20 years alongside privilege points and personal assistance services for a more seamless experience. In addition, you can bring your family members on board to enjoy all the perks together for a total of 1.5 million THB per additional member.

The Thailand Elite Visa Gold Membership is available to citizens from 14 countries who are able to provide the necessary documentation, including:

Once you submit all of your documents, your GSSA will review and verify them for accuracy and completeness. After confirming the authenticity of your passport and photos, you will be provided with a link to make your payment. Upon receipt of your payment, you will be notified to retrieve your Privilege Entry Visa at the airport, at a Thai consulate, or via Thailand Elite’s VIP concierge service. This process typically takes a month or less to complete.

3. VIP airport services

Elite membership packages offer a range of services designed to make life in Thailand more comfortable. This includes access to premium shopping experiences, co-working spaces, and insurance coverage. In addition, members can access wealth advisory services and exclusive networking events.

The Gold Membership offers a 5-year visa and significant privilege points, enabling a smooth transition to long-term living in Thailand. This is an ideal choice for individuals and families considering extended stays in Thailand.

VIP greeting and escort at the airport upon arrival and departure. Access to dedicated immigration lanes to bypass long lines.

Upgrading to the Thailand Elite Visa is a simple process that begins by submitting the application and documents through an accredited agent, followed by a background check. Once the application is approved, the member can make a full payment and receive their welcome kit. The final step is scheduling an appointment at a Thai immigration office or international airport to have the visa affixed to their passport.

4. Visa affixation service

The Gold membership option offers a 5-year visa with no financial, age or employment requirements and has lower entry fees than higher tiers of the program. The visa package also includes an annual allocation of privilege points to redeem benefits in categories including travel, dining, wealth advisory, health & wellness and more.

Once a member passes a thorough background check and completes all the necessary documentation, their Thailand Elite Visa application will be assessed by immigration officials. Once approved, they’ll receive an approval letter with instructions on how to pay their chosen visa package fee.

Once they’ve paid their package fee, their Elite Personal Liaison will schedule a visa affixation appointment. On the day of the scheduled appointment, members will be greeted by an Elite Personal Assistant in a gold uniform at their arrival gate (for international arrival flights) or at the airport entrance (for international departure flights). They’ll then be escorted through the immigration process by an Elite Personal Liaison to get their 1-year stay visa sticker affixed.