Spouse Visa in Thailand

The foreign national must be married to a Thai national or a foreign national with authorized residency in Thailand in order to be granted a spouse visa in Thailand. Officially, the visa is referred to as a non-immigrant “O” visa.

The general procedures are as follows:

1. In your home country, submit an application for a non-immigrant “O” visa at the Thai embassy or consulate. You must present the required paperwork, which includes a copy of your marriage license and evidence of your ability to support yourself.

2. You must visit a local immigration office once you have arrived in Thailand to request a 90-day extension of your non-immigrant “O” visa.

3. You must submit an application for a one-year extension of your visa at a nearby immigration office before the 90-day extension expires. You will be required to present documentation showing your ability to sustain yourself financially.

4. As long as you continue to meet the requirements, you can renew your visa for another year after the first one.

Keep in mind that the procedure and standards may change based on your unique circumstances and the regional immigration office. To guarantee a successful and efficient application procedure, it is advised to speak with a licensed immigration lawyer or agent.

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