Thailand Business Visa

Thai Immigration  

Depending on what you wish to do in Thailand you would need to supply the Thai Embassy with the documents needed for what it is that you wish to do. Teaching, owning a business or investment. These are the basics for the business visa.

The business visa is there just for that – business. If you want to teach in Thailand and need a business visa for your work permit application then you would need to provide the following:

1. Police certificate verifying that you haves no criminal record;

2. A contract from your school;

3. Evidence of educational training;

4. Letter of approval from the education department.

Those are the very basics that they will require from you to submit for the application for a business visa for the purposes of teaching in Thailand. Normally the schools know what to provide and will hand you a bundle of documents for submission to the embassy. If it is your own private school then it would be best to speak to on of our attorneys in Thailand with regards to drafting and obtaining all the needed forms and documents needed for the application for the visa.

If you are looking to set up a business in Thailand then you need a letter from your company stating your position salary and your length of stay in Thailand. You also need to explain what it is that you propose to do in Thailand for the visa. You can also present a letter of invitation from a Thai company to support your visa which would have to include the company’s name, registration number, location, company profile and balance sheets. Again if you need to visit Thailand for the purposes of business then call one of our immigration lawyers on our UK or US toll-free number now. You can also visit our website and speak to us on live chat for assistance.

One last word on the business visa. It does not allow you to work in Thailand only apply for a work permit or to conduct meetings with regards to doing business in Thailand. Many people talk about a work visa for Thailand however no such visa exists. The business visa is only the first step to the work permit. Don’t get caught while misunderstanding the law.

Again – call us for assistance.