Thai Immigration

Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership

The Platinum Package offers a visa validity of 10 years and includes benefits such as personal concierge services, seasonal gifts, priority services, car test drive experiences, hotel fitness facilities, yearly health checks, premium shopping experiences, birthday river cruises, and more. Applicants will receive payment instructions and a letter of approval once they have passed their background check.

1. Access to a wide range of services.

Aside from the visa, Thailand Elite provides a wide range of services. These include premium shopping experiences, co-working spaces, annual health checkups, insurance coverage, and wealth advisory services.

Each tier offers different benefits. For example, the Gold Membership package allows for an expedited immigration process and airport access through a premium lane. It also includes a limousine service from the airport to your home and a personal assistant to help you navigate schools, healthcare options, and local amenities.

To apply for a Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership, you must submit a signed PDPA form and passport-sized photos. Once you’ve been approved, you can then book an appointment to have your visa affixed at the airport or Thai embassy abroad. You’ll be given a member ID once you have completed the process.

2. Long-term visa.

The Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership is a good option for digital nomads who want to live and work in Thailand long-term. It includes a multiple-entry visa that lasts for five years, plus exclusive privileges such as free hotel nights, golf courses, spa packages, wealth advisory, and discounts at leading stores.

It’s also an excellent choice for retirees who want to spend long periods of time in Thailand, without worrying about renewing their visa every 90 days. Depending on the package, members can select a visa validity from 5 to 20 years.

The application process is simple and convenient, allowing applicants to start their applications from anywhere in the world. Applicants are required to provide a color photocopy of their passport and a signed PDPA form, along with a completed application form. Once the background and criminal checks are complete, they will receive an approval letter and instructions on paying the membership fee.

3. Access to a private airport lounge.

With membership packages that allow a duration of up to 20 years, the Thailand Elite Visa Platinum tier offers an attractive balance of long-term access and exclusive privileges. Members enjoy VIP treatment at airports, complimentary annual health checks, and premium shopping and golf experiences, along with perks like birthday river cruises, seasonal gifts, and priority services.

Interested applicants can begin the application process by choosing a package that best fits their lifestyle and needs. The next step is to submit all required documents, including a completed Personal Data Policy form and a high-resolution photo, to their GSSA, who will review the application for any errors. Once the application has been approved, members can pay their membership fee and obtain their visa. This enables them to travel in and out of the country without the need for re-entry permits.

4. Access to exclusive events.

The Platinum Package is ideal for those looking to enjoy a long-term lifestyle in Thailand. It comes with a 5-year visa validity period and includes a variety of exclusive benefits, including airport transfers, yearly health checks, premium shopping privileges, golf and spa access, VIP seating and more.

The application process is streamlined and can be completed online from anywhere in the world. Applicants must submit a set of documents and pass a background check, which usually takes around four to six weeks.

Once the background check is complete, a member can then schedule an appointment to have their Thailand Elite Visa affixed to their passport at a Thai airport or embassy abroad. Members can also open a bank account in Thailand and obtain a driver’s license.

5. Exclusive discounts.

Platinum membership offers a 10-year visa validity period and 35 privilege points, and it includes family members at a discounted rate. In addition, it provides members with a personal concierge that can assist them with their travel and immigration arrangements.

The application process for this program is relatively simple and involves submitting an online form and documents, such as a signed and completed Personal Data Protection Act form, passport copies, and a photo. Applicants can also opt to have their background checks pre-screened and vetted.

Once the application has been approved, the member will receive a letter of approval along with membership payment instructions. The member can then book an appointment at a designated location to have their visa affixed. The membership tiers include premium real estate access, insurance coverage, and wealth advisory services.