Covid-19 Insurance for Traveling to Thailand

The COVID-19 insurance is one of the requirements that is needed to be able to enter Thailand. In case of contracting the COVID-19 virus within the country, the insurance will help cover your medical expenses.
Thailand Travel Insurance

It has been more than a year since Covid-19 canceled your travels to the beautiful and rich Kingdom of Thailand. Missing the culture, the foods, the islands, and the people, right? Well, start packing and prepare the documents needed because what you have been missing is already open and assures you your safety amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thailand has opened its gates to travelers all around the world and with Covid-19 still being present, they are implementing stricter safety measures as part of their duty to keep you safe. Part of that measure is to require travelers to have health insurance, particularly Covid-19 Insurance as they enter the country.

Covid-19 Insurance for Travelers to Thailand

This insurance is one of the requirements that is needed to be able to enter. In case of contracting the Covid-19 within the country, this will help cover your emergency expenses like treatments and care of professionals, medicines, and other emergencies related to Covid-19. With the amount of at least THB 750 thousand ($20,000), expect that it will cover both inpatient and outpatient treatments to those travelers who entered the country.

Know that this requirement is for the good of travelers. This will help you lessen the things to worry about in case the worst happens while traveling the country. It will lessen your worry about the expenses that you will pay. So, worry less, relax and enjoy your travel.

Covid-19 Insurance Explicit Coverage

Upon purchasing, the Covid-19 insurance must meet requirements, 3 coverage that was highlighted for the Covid-19 insurance to be valid or accepted. The 3 coverage are listed below:

  • Medical Coverage. The insurance should include a minimum of $20,000 to cover all COVID-19 infection-related treatment costs.
  • Life Insurance Coverage. The $20,000 will be reimbursed to the chosen beneficiary in the worst-case scenario of Covid-19 infection.
  • Unforeseen/Unexpected Expenses. If you experience travel problems, lost travel bookings, or missed flights as a result of the Covid-19 illness. It will also be covered by the insurance.

Where to Purchase Covid-19 Insurance?

There are numerous insurance companies where you can purchase Covid-19 insurance. You can find them online, but one that stands out among them is AXA. Aside from AXA (Sawasdee Thailand: Inbound Travel Insurance) covering the requirements for a Covid-19 Insurance to be valid, here are the other benefits in purchasing their insurance:

  • It meets the requirements of application for a Certificate of Entry.
  • It gets an insurance policy and Covid-19 certificate in email instantly.
  • It can be bought online with a credit card.
  • 24 hours hotline service.
  • The policy has no waiting period and no deductible in the hotline service.
  • It has a large hospital network throughout Thailand and no advance payment for hospitalization.
  • It covers the expense in case one is tested positive even with no symptoms seen.
  • It includes the 14-day Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ), also the Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ) and the Sandbox Stay. Note that the coverage of the insurance will start after clearing immigration in Thailand.

Thailand Travel Insurance

Other Requirements for Entrance

There are other requirements and documents that you must have for the approval of your entry. Listed below are the requirements and documents you must have for the approval of entry:

  • Valid visa in the passport
  • One must have a Certificate of Entry (COE)
  • One must have booked and paid accommodation of an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) or Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ) hotel
  • One must have purchased travel insurance with Covid-19 treatment coverage of at least $20,000
  • One must have been tested negative for Covid-19 not more than 72 hours before travel and have a Covid-19 Free Health Certificate.

There is no denying that traveling these days is more complicated before Covid-19 exists. But it does not mean that this will stop your plans in traveling the world. So, what you need to do is extend your patience and know that it will be worth it.

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