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Thailand Elite Visa Diamond Membership

The Membership Fee for Thailand Elite Visa Diamond includes the card and visa. Once applicants pass the background assessment, they will receive instructions and membership fee payment information within 30 days.

The Diamond package provides a 15-year membership and premium perks. It is ideal for those seeking to redefine their luxury lifestyle experience in Thailand.


With a validity period of up to five years, the Gold membership package is the perfect choice for digital nomads looking to redefine their luxury benchmarks. With 55 privilege points awarded annually, members are able to unlock a world of unique experiences. Additionally, members can easily upgrade their membership tier from Platinum to Diamond without incurring additional fees, thus enabling them to enjoy maximum benefits.

Beyond the VIP treatment of arrivals and departures (greeted and escorted by an Elite Personal Assistant with expedited immigration lines vanquished), members are able to immerse themselves in Thai culture with a variety of authentic experiences curated for their individual tastes. In addition, additional family members can be added at a discounted rate of THB 1.5 million per member.


The Silver Membership package offers a 5-year multi-entry visa, 55 privilege points that can be leveraged in various ways, and an exclusive living experience suited to your desired lifestyle inside of Thailand for 2.5 million THB. This is a great option for digital nomads, retirees, and other individuals who want to maximize their length of stay in Thailand without increasing the price tag.

To qualify for this level of membership, you must provide financial documentation showcasing your ability to sustain an extended stay in Thailand. You will also be required to undergo a background check by Thai Immigration.

To begin the process, send your documentation to your GSSA. They will review your application to catch any mistakes and make sure that everything is in order before forwarding it to the Thailand Elite Visa Co., Ltd. for processing. From there, you will receive a letter of approval and invoice from the company. Once you’ve received this, you can then pay your designated fee to the company.


The DIAMOND Package represents a life of luxury and exclusivity. With a membership term of up to 15 years and 55 privilege points to freely leverage, this is the best option for those who wish to elevate their experience in Thailand.

In addition to the perks offered by all packages, DIAMOND members can open a Thai bank account, obtain a driving license, and use a member contact center. They also have the ability to apply for a business visa, as well as access to a premium airport immigration lane.

Upon passing the background check, applicants will receive their approval letter and member ID via email directly from Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. Once this is confirmed, they will then be able to book their first visa affixation service by notifying the member contact center. This process will take 1-3 months from submission.


As of September 15, 2018, Thailand Elite Visa offers four exclusive membership packages to fit the diverse preferences of those looking to solidify a long-term base in the country. The Gold card opens with a 5-year duration, the Platinum card extends the stay to 10 years, while the Diamond card presents a 15-year duration and the prestigious Reserve card boasts a 20-year visa duration. The Reserve card is available only by invitation and presents a range of top-tier privileges that can’t be found anywhere else.

Diamond members enjoy 55 privilege points to freely leverage for a membership fee of 2.5 million THB, along with a 5-year multiple-entry visa renewable twice and the ability to add family members. Unlike the other tiers, there are no financial, employment, or education requirements for the coveted card. Applicants also receive priority airport immigration processing via a premium lane and access to luxury lifestyle perks, including free hotel stays, golf club memberships, spa packages, and wealth advisory services.